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Commissions and stuff

Commissions for me:

Here are my uncoming commissions:

*Iza Nagi Aelys in her armor (unpaid) on hiatus
* Gudulett-e Judith and Mariella (unpaid)
* moonstone-goddess Katy and brats (unpaid)
* PotemkinBuster a set of 10 sketches, paid
*Ritusss a group shot of the Keeshir guard, paid

Commissions for others:

* verysofisticated in discussion
* melusineistross to be defined

List of artists I totally would commission again, and again :D
:iconnaeviss: :iconjesterry: :iconserelyartworks: :iconsonges-et-crayons: :iconmariposa-nocturna: :iconnoquietinhere: :iconsyoshiko: :iconszajnie: :iconowlivia: :iconay-leen: :iconclo-ne: :iconsaikats: :icondreamy-bibe: :iconphantagrafie: :iconchenria: :iconpendalune: : :icontaraprince: :icontira-owl: :iconneirr: :iconeeren: :iconcristianaleone: :iconlinelana:

List of artists that I can't given my experience (which is mine, and can vary, at least I hope for some others..)
The :bulletred: means I haven't have any news for now quite some time (several months) and will consider those as well, not going to be done, sadly. Or refunded in any way for the some I paid upfront, given what some "artists"told me.
I leave those here because I do hope it will make those persons react. If I happen to be refunded or to finally get the art I will remove their name.
So here are the artists I just can't recommend....
:bulletred: a group drawing of Katy and team 8 (paid)???
:bulletred: *1llustri Aelys and sugeru (paid) has been ignoring me for months...

:bulletred: Kisameshark14 : Katy and Hinata (took my points and blocked me)
:bulletred: Shiro-Shimizu Azami (paid) No news for 7 months, account deserted
*Lolitaninja : Alternate Universe Ae and Aelys (I'm so in love with the AU stuff for them!) (paid) done 2/5 waiting since one year and half
*Monochromacy : playful Katy (paid) and castaway Aelys (paid) (on hiatus...) waiting since one year
*elfdust a 2 charas with background paid in september 2012
:bulletred:*Crusanite Aelys, Gider, Azami (paid 1 year)... said would do. No news ever since but personnal art posted very regularly. One done in early july, no news since
:bulletred:*Fyuna Katy's father (paid) account deserted
:bulletred:*Deslaias : edits of tattoo drawing, (paid) no news and no answer to my notes while he had agreed to do the alterations; waiting since 5 montsh now...

Requests, gifts, trades and various:

* Amdhuscias a 3 charas drawing in exchange of a year supply of teas (mty part sent)

Won in giveaway/ contests


clonuxY Aelys and Katy lingerie
Kyokoh Beeren
Piky Aelys
TheDrowningEarth Akane
Merlyn-Wood Katy or Enassan (tbd)

Art trades and various for others

*a trade with Owlivia: drawings of Baireï and chibis (my part is done)
*A trade with Oinochoe: a fairy tail fanfic for (my part is she will never do hers

(I generally initiate art trades but am open to proposals so feel free to inquire)

It's getting closer! 66 666 pv kiri! 

6 deviants said love and azuki bubble tea for you! :iconloveloveplz:
5 deviants said stay tuned! :)
2 deviants said (usual rules apply)


spadiekitchenqueen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
ho wow, what can I say?

Well, first, hi everyone, thanks for stopping on my page. Hope you will find it to your liking.

I'm Adeline, I'm French, and I'm 34 years old (but make that more like 8 or 10 mentally, at the outmost)

I write. I can't draw to save my life due to a very poor eyesight after a failed surgery, but I do write, a lot. Here I will publish personal works, excerpts of my ongoing Novels, and an few fanfics just because :)
I will also post my attempts at colouring and my successes in cooking and sewing cause I just can't stay idle :)

IMPORTANT! All the drawings on my gallery are pieces I have commissioned from fellow deviants artists to illustrate my stories (Go see their galleries, you will be amazed). I was allowed to use those and even own the commercial rights to some pieces. Nothing here is stolen so haters bashing me for "not being an artist" because I can't draw myself can go eat a potato.

One other, very important thing:

ALL my Ocs are characters I put a lot of effort in creating, designing in the tiniest details, giving a story and background and such. Please be respectful of that and don't steal, claim as your own, copy or "heavily inspire from" It's not only a really pathetic thing to do, but also terribly hurtful for me. Please respect my creations, thanks!

Random facts about me:
-I have two dogs (a frenchie and a bullie) and I'm foster family for mistreated pets so there are generally more than those two on my couch.
- I love to cook
- I have an evil laugh. really. The bad witch in the forest? That's me. Mwouahahhahaha!
- I have a pervy mind! I write pervy texts when I'm stressed out (better than chocolate!).
- I have a weird talent for finding money, literally: I find at least a coin or banknote per month, varying from 50 euros (woot) to one euro (hey, not to be spitted on!)
- I have a very lousy sense of humor, and I love telling dirty jokes. Bear with it.
- I'm nice, much to my dismay. Nice people tend to have a harder time than others but I can't seem to manage to get rid of my niceness. Damn!
- I make friends quite easily so if you want to talk, do go on!
Stamp-Spadie by Tsukiiyo

Stamp-M0onQueen by TsukiiyoMinions by stuck-in-suburbia MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler I Worship Neil Gaiman by Foxxie-Chan Death FAN Stamp by HeruNoTenchi Confusing Auditors by spacewarp Miss Susan says by rataplani
Coffee rules by cafeinomane Tard by Gee-X Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox
Special Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts
:icondietodeath1plz::icondietodeath2plz: :iconchopanarm1plz::iconchopanarm2plz: Writer Stamp by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
:iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz: :icondeargod1plz::icondeargod2plz: Evil Laugh Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun
Gimme Coffee by Sadiya STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk Character Abuse Stamp -Female- by ChimeraDragonfang I love crack pairings by Kirichan-Inuyasha :thumb96906217:

Current Residence: Rouen, France

Sister: :icondameodessa:

Sisters from another mother ;) :iconcristianaleone: :icongnewi:

Amazing big bro: :iconcas42:

Where is spadie gone? + contest annoucement

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2015, 6:57 AM
Where, where, where was Spadie gone?

Well, I did snail up (up, up in my shell) for some times but I am slowly but surely (snail like) coming back. :iconsnailplz:

I am finally settling up in my new place, getting used to the life there, getting over Taïga passing away, and used to living alone again.

So, in short, I am getting better and over this damn depression that drowned me those last months.

Work also is going better, and I have had a few quite funny moments I may share with you later if you're interested.

A few weeks from turning 35, I am giggling at that idea. it seems that only yesterday I was 22 and considering 35 as ancient! well it isn't and so far my plans for celebrating it are to leave a bunch of water pistols at my door with a  note "Come and get me if you dare" go hide in the forest behind my place, and wait in ambush for anyone interested in coming play with me, with beers as a reward once we are out of water ammo :)

Also for those interested, I am going to soon launch a contest, but not a drawing one, a questions one! You will know more very soon so stay tuned!

and BTW, next kiriban: 69 069 :eyes:

Love you all

  • Mood: Neutral


Bairei Kalienski by spadiekitchenqueen
Bairei Kalienski
Art is NOT by me, but by my sweet, darling SYoshiko whom once again did a marvelous, masterly job at bringing my vision to life. ( This is NOT an adoptable, this is NOT a design you can freely use. I created this character, appearance and all, please respect that, thanks). This piece is published here with approval of the artist and the rights to the piece have been bought fully.

Haaaa, Baireï the Red Tiger, the gorgeous, delicious, annoying hunk we all love to hate and to drool over nevertheless !

For the few of you that don't know him, let me introduce you Baireï Kalienski. Baireï is a Pard, a feline shapeshifter (like Katy and all the others). He can change into a huge siberian tiger. Unlike what some may believe, his nickname the Red tiger is due to the peculiar shade of his fur, not his russian heritage.

Bairei is an asshole, although a very charming asshole when he wants to be. Born in the depths of the siberian plains, he ran away at a very young age from a home and family that were too poor, too hopeless, too stuck in their old ways of living. He never cared for the laws and diktats of the Pards and always was too stubborn and too strong to be either caught by Lundrim, or taught by Akhala. Although Lundrim and him hate each others fiercely, he actually likes Akhala and the old woman has a lot of tenderness for the young man, being quite understanding of why he reacts this way.

Now a former mob lord reconverted in less shady business (though he sometimes still skims the very, very edge of the law), he is smart and very interested by art and travels.
Handsome, funny, clever, charismatic, he is be very attractive and seductive. He is brave, determined, resourceful but he is also selfish, a terrible womanizer, a man that can lies without batting an eyelash and a narcissistic, cynical, arrogant, sarcastic risktaker.
He was married before to a Pard tigress, Malania, but she was killed (with their unborn child) in an attack that was against him but actually only caught her. That's the event that made him shift slowly toward a less dangerous way of life, realising that he didn't care for his own safety, but that his own actions were endangering those he cared for, albeit way too late.

Fiercely devoted to his people (they call themselves the Pard) he will do everything to protect them, even if according to himself such a behavior is less born of a sense of duty that of a sense of ownership. No one can hurt HIS people (yes, he can be sometime unsufferably full of himself).

The relationship he has with Katy is very healthy despites being quite surprising for outsiders. He loves to flirt and seduce other women, but no one could break the bonds that tie him and Katy. As he states it, she isn't his wife, but his female, and he isn't her husband, but her male. Both find in the other something no one else can give them and even if the can argue and tussle to no end, them love each other deeply and aren't afraid to show and say it.

Original piece here:Bairei for Spadiekitchenqueen by SYoshiko

More info on the Pards (texts in french and art) :
Lidjia Miep Visteien by spadiekitchenqueenAkhala Eila Nernani by spadiekitchenqueenFamily reunion by spadiekitchenqueenThe red tiger and his silver lady by spadiekitchenqueen

DA watermark by Sophibelle
Deyandar Seraslan by spadiekitchenqueen
Deyandar Seraslan
Art is NOT by me, but by my sweet, darling SYoshiko whom once again did a marvelous, masterly job at bringing my vision to life. ( This is NOT an adoptable, this is NOT a design you can freely use. I created this character, appearance and all, please respect that, thanks). This piece is published here with approval of the artist and the rights to the piece have been bought fully.

Deyandar Seraslan is the last heir of one of the oldest Pard bloodline, the black manned lions of Abyssinia. With the centuries, the lion Pards have moved from the african continent and spread in all the indo european sub continent, but the black maned lions have always been considered the natural leader of the Pards.
He is by tradition and duty the protector of the Lionesses and to a greater extent, of all thePards living and does his very best but he is also stuck in the history of his people and the traditions he has to uphold.
This can make him appear stuffy and narrow minded in some circumstances. Luckily he is also a smart , good man, and won't toss away the advices or opinions or those around him even if speaking to him can be terribly hard sometimes because of his aura of self righteousness that can put some people on edge (*koff* Katy *koff koff* ). Once you go through this almost pompous exterior he is a truly good man, anxious to do his best and see his people safe, a good and kind hearted teacher despites his almost total absence of humor.
Oddly enough for someone so focused on tradition, he is a computer nerd and earns his living by doing computer maintenance and whatnot, he is actually quire talented and had set up a system that is open to Pards only and helps him monitor Lundrm's activities and keep contact with whomever may need him (and also with Baireï).
He has grown with Akane and her mother and consider them as family.
He has known  Baireï for a long time and they share a reluctant, grudging respect: even if their means are very different they share the same aim of protecting and caring for their people.

Original here: Deyandar by SYoshiko
More info on the Pards (texts in french and art) :

Character Interview: Miep Visteien

1: What is your full name?
Lidjia Miep Visteien
2: Do you have a nickname, pseudonym, or alternate identity?
Everybody just calls me Miep. Maybe it's because I tend to sound like that when I am in my other shape?
3: How tall are you?

4: How much do you weigh?

5: What kind of build do you have (are you thin, fat, gangly, muscular, etc.)?
I am slender, but that's is because I am mostly legs!
She lifts one leg above her head effortlessly and yes, she does have gorgeous, long, well defined legs.

6: Describe your hair. What colour is it? What style do you keep it in?
Reddish light brown with a bit of texture and reaching mid back. If I go to the sun too much I end up with deep orange hair and if I do not care for it regularly it tends to get quite dry and coarse so I treat it once a month with amla oil like Nalini taught me.

7: What colour are your eyes
Akhala Eila Nernani by spadiekitchenqueen Family reunion by spadiekitchenqueen Lundrim Vleresim by spadiekitchenqueen

DA watermark by Sophibelle



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