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Commissions and stuff

Commissions for me:

Here are my uncoming commissions:

*Iza Nagi Aelys in her armor (unpaid) on hiatus
*LAS-T 3 charas, half body (paid)
* Gudulett-e Judith and Mariella (unpaid)
* moonstone-goddess Katy and brats (unpaid)
* PotemkinBuster a set of 10 sketches, paid
* Nina-Mandarina a giftart for D paid
* Sweetillita 1 chibis paid
*Ritusss a group shot of the Keeshir guard, paid

Commissions for others:

* verysofisticated in discussion
* melusineistross to be defined

List of artists I totally would commission again, and again :D
:iconay-u: :iconjesterry: :iconserelyartworks: :iconsonges-et-crayons: :iconmariposa-nocturna: :iconnoquietinhere: :iconsyoshiko: :iconszajnie: :iconowlivia: :iconay-leen: :iconclo-ne: :iconsaikats: :icondreamy-bibe: :iconphantagrafie: :iconchenria: :iconpendalune: : :icontaraprince: :icontira-owl: :iconneirr: :iconeeren: :iconcristianaleone: :iconlinelana:

List of artists that I can't given my experience (which is mine, and can vary, at least I hope for some others..)
The :bulletred: means I haven't have any news for now quite some time (several months) and will consider those as well, not going to be done, sadly. Or refunded in any way for the some I paid upfront, given what some "artists"told me.
I leave those here because I do hope it will make those persons react. If I happen to be refunded or to finally get the art I will remove their name.
So here are the artists I just can't recommend....
:bulletred: a group drawing of Katy and team 8 (paid)???
:bulletred: *1llustri Aelys and sugeru (paid) has been ignoring me for months...

:bulletred: Kisameshark14 : Katy and Hinata (took my points and blocked me)
:bulletred: Shiro-Shimizu Azami (paid) No news for 7 months, account deserted
*Lolitaninja : Alternate Universe Ae and Aelys (I'm so in love with the AU stuff for them!) (paid) done 2/5 waiting since one year and half
*Monochromacy : playful Katy (paid) and castaway Aelys (paid) (on hiatus...) waiting since one year
*elfdust a 2 charas with background paid in september 2012
:bulletred:*Crusanite Aelys, Gider, Azami (paid 1 year)... said would do. No news ever since but personnal art posted very regularly. One done in early july, no news since
:bulletred:*Fyuna Katy's father (paid) account deserted
:bulletred:*Deslaias : edits of tattoo drawing, (paid) no news and no answer to my notes while he had agreed to do the alterations; waiting since 5 montsh now...

Requests, gifts, trades and various:

* Amdhuscias a 3 charas drawing in exchange of a year supply of teas (mty part sent)

Won in giveaway/ contests


clonuxY Aelys and Katy lingerie
Kyokoh Beeren
Piky Aelys
Kvlticon Akane
Merlyn-Wood Katy or Enassan (tbd)

Art trades and various for others

*a trade with Owlivia: drawings of Baireï and chibis (my part is done)
*A trade with Oinochoe: a fairy tail fanfic for (my part is she will never do hers

(I generally initiate art trades but am open to proposals so feel free to inquire)

Who have we here? 

4 deviants said New world, same wars by CristianaLeone from left to right
3 deviants said Aren't they all amazing?
3 deviants said Thank you again :iconcristianaleone: :love:
1 deviant said Deyandar, the black maned lion
1 deviant said Akane, the golden lionness
No deviants said Katy's dad, Lundrim , a snow leopard
No deviants said Katy's older half brother, Hasan, snow leopard too
No deviants said Akhala, her mother
No deviants said Miep, the caracal and Baireï's god daughter (sort of)

Rough times ahead

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 3:53 AM
(TL; DR : I am breaking up with my long term boyfriend and things are rough, so I will be AFK for some times)

Love doesn't do everything. I realised that a few days back. You can love someone very much and still find yourself deeply hurting in a relationship with them. My boyfriend and I were an item for several years now, living together, but we never managed to make any progress.
In our five years together he never introduced me to his family or his friends, He never considered us evolving to another place or something. Not as if it would have been easy as I was the only one with regular income but...
He is working again actually but hasn't share a single bill since end of june. Rent, food, bills, everything piled up and when I was silly enough to ask for help last week, it clashed again. What pushed me above the edge was that I wasn't the one to scream first. I stood still and just very quietly tried to re calculate all a month budget all by myself again and he swore at me.
That made me snap.

I told him we couldn't keep on and well, the storm was released.

I care for him, a lot, but I can't keep on. Now he is saying that I am kicking him on the streets just before winter and will see him sleep under the bridges while he has , as he says, a job for at least 6 months and well, no bills at all piled up (unlike me, who will mightily struggle in the next months.)

He has asked to keep all the gifts I made him (as if I was gonna do that, arg! ), the furniture we bought at split cost too (the whole of the furniture, ofc) and apparently, surely the gifts he made me. Right now he still stays at home (and yes, he has his food made and his clothes washed and so on) until he decides to move out. Every evening it's the whole show again since he certain I am leaving him for someone else and I am cheating on him, something that everyone knowing me know I would never ever do!

So yes, next months will be very rough. But I really think it was for the best. I still have feelings for him, but staying with him hurt me more than what I will have to face now.

I just hope it will be over soon. Even if it's to find myself in a half empty flat, I do not see any other solution....


spadiekitchenqueen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
ho wow, what can I say?

Well, first, hi everyone, thanks for stopping on my page. Hope you will find it to your liking.

I'm Adeline, I'm French, and I'm 34 years old (but make that more like 8 or 10 mentally, at the outmost)

I write. I can't draw to save my life due to a very poor eyesight after a failed surgery, but I do write, a lot. Here I will publish personal works, excerpts of my ongoing Novels, and an few fanfics just because :)
I will also post my attempts at colouring and my successes in cooking and sewing cause I just can't stay idle :)

IMPORTANT! All the drawings on my gallery are pieces I have commissioned from fellow deviants artists to illustrate my stories (Go see their galleries, you will be amazed). I was allowed to use those and even own the commercial rights to some pieces. Nothing here is stolen so haters bashing me for "not being an artist" because I can't draw myself can go eat a potato.

One other, very important thing:

ALL my Ocs are characters I put a lot of effort in creating, designing in the tiniest details, giving a story and background and such. Please be respectful of that and don't steal, claim as your own, copy or "heavily inspire from" It's not only a really pathetic thing to do, but also terribly hurtful for me. Please respect my creations, thanks!

Random facts about me:
-I have two dogs (a frenchie and a bullie) and I'm foster family for mistreated pets so there are generally more than those two on my couch.
- I love to cook
- I have an evil laugh. really. The bad witch in the forest? That's me. Mwouahahhahaha!
- I have a pervy mind! I write pervy texts when I'm stressed out (better than chocolate!).
- I have a weird talent for finding money, literally: I find at least a coin or banknote per month, varying from 50 euros (woot) to one euro (hey, not to be spitted on!)
- I have a very lousy sense of humor, and I love telling dirty jokes. Bear with it.
- I'm nice, much to my dismay. Nice people tend to have a harder time than others but I can't seem to manage to get rid of my niceness. Damn!
- I make friends quite easily so if you want to talk, do go on!
Stamp-Spadie by Tsukiiyo

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Gimme Coffee by Sadiya STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk Character Abuse Stamp -Female- by ChimeraDragonfang I love crack pairings by Kirichan-Inuyasha :thumb96906217:

Current Residence: Rouen, France

Sister: :icondameodessa:

Sisters from another mother ;) :iconcristianaleone: :icongnewi:

Amazing big bro: :iconcas42:



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Pretty please with sugar on top?
So I can commission artists, keep on making gifts, and such!

Secret weapon! *pervy puppy eyes*

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The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air...

It all began with the forging of the Lovely Bracelets. Three were given to the Elves; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Dwarf Ladies, great miners and owners of lush, full beards. And nine, nine bracelets were gifted to the Frenchies, who above all else desire power, wine and baguettes. For within these bracelets was bound the strength and the will to boss each race around. But they were all of them deceived, for another bracelet was given. In the land of Belgium, in the fires of Mount Muhaha, the Dark Lord BATTLEFAIRIES wore in secret, a master bracelet, to control all others....

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