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October 21, 2012
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Contest Time: win a wacom tablet! (prizes added)

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 21, 2012, 3:01 PM
"Contest time is here again, woohoo
Do you want to win a tablet Wacom Bamboo?"

Yes, I'm having a drawing contest and first prize will be a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch CTH 460 tablet (second hand but fine,still had guarantee in fact when I got it and used it like 2 times so..), there are also premiums,  points, features, etc etc to win. If you already have a tablet but know of someone that would love it, you can enter on their behalf. The tablet will be shipped WORLDWIDE.
(quick explanation: I am visually impaired. A friend of mine gave me her tablet since she had a better one hoping I would somehow manage it even with my wonky eyes. Well I couldn't so if it interest someone..)

And now you wonder, what kind of contest?

(voice of Evan mc Gregor in Moulin Rouge)

"The contest is about... love."

You will find more details in the journal here but the theme is quite simple:

                               :bulletred: "What would my Ocs and your Ocs (or any other charas) babies would look like?" :bulletred:

So, baby, baby, let's found a family!

To resume shortly the contest there will be 3 categories and will work that way:

* Your Ocs and my Ocs children
You go in the gallery here: spadiekitchenqueen.deviantart.… where I have made a quick presentation of my ocs
(if need be, further references are available in my galleries) and pick the one(s) you think are the more to your taste before drawing the resulting offspring at any age between kid to teenager or young adult, with or without the parents

* My Ocs with my Ocs (should you find it more funny or simply do not have Ocs of your own) : make a couple and imagine their children at any age between kid to teenager or young adult, with or without the parents

* Ocs with canon characters of existing series (crack pairings, funny crossovers and all crazy things welcome!) and same rules as previous categories :)

Have a look at the proud parents to be:
Main Ocs:
Oc Sheet Mizako Namikaze
Name: Mizako Namikaze (FC version of my OC Aelys Ideka)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 32
Heritage:  Caucasian
Height: 1.60 m
Weight: 50 kgs
Appearance: a thin, slim, delicate looking woman with long black hair and grey blue eyes. She can be considered quite pretty. She has several scars, the most visible being one at the side of her neck, a old bite mark.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: none
Blood Type: AB+
Birthday: 18 february
Parents: deceased
Sibling: a brother, deceased too
Relative: She is the adoptive daughter of Chomeď Ideka and hence adoptive sister to his children, Choreď and Mireď. She also has a nephew, her brother's son.
Best Friend: Sugeru Hattori
Friends: Chomeď Ideka, Toruchi Hasegawa, Hidame Masahiro
Students: Mireď and Choreď Ideka
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: has a sparse "comfort" relationship with Sugeru Hattori
Good Traits: Kind, dutiful, honest, caring, faithful, generous, graceful
Bad Traits: prone to sadness, loner, anxious, lack of self co
Sugeru Hattori
Name: Sugery Hattori
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 42
Heritage:  Caucasian
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 98 kgs
Appearance: a lean muscled man with greying dark brown hair and very dark brown eyes. He has a scar on the right side of the face, bissecting his eyebrow and going down to the cheek.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: none
Blood Type: AB+
Parents: deceased
Sibling: a sister, 3 nephews
Relative: half a dozen people from his place are his relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts, and such
Best Friend: Aelys Ideka
Friends: Chomeï Ideka, Toruchi Hasegawa, Hidame Masahiro
Students: Mireï and Choreï Ideka
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: has a sparse "comfort" relationship with Aelys Ideka
Good Traits: resourceful, dutiful, serious, by-the-books, strong, internally caring, intense
Bad Traits: stern, harsh, stubborn and cynical
Likes: honesty, dutifulness, honour
Dislikes: weakness, lack of determination,
Hobbies: Training, meditation, stone cutting,
Azami the Omoichidou Librarian
Name: Azami (Nettle flower/ can also mean writing) Fujihara
Age: thirty two
Birthday: July 11th
Weight: 64 kgs (she is kinda chubby cause toting books all days doesn't really count as exercise, and she hates physical training)
Height: 162cms
Blood type: A-
Village: Omoichidou  
Team: Team 2
Rank: Tokubetsu jounin
Registeration Number # 07011222
Division: Research and information
Status: assistant to the head librarian
Chakra nature: Wind/ Water
Specialty: Information gathering/ illusion techniques
Weaknesses: hates exercise, a tendency to lose her glasses everywhere, tea addiction, can get easily distracted when she starts to read and then, good luck to reach her! She is also quite clumsy and is afraid of great heights.
Strenghts: very good memory, likes to help, and protective of her friends (and of her books!), she is gentle and easy to approach, and very careful of other's feelings. She is a good confident as she will never repeat something she has been told as a secret. S
Katy Parduncia oc sheet
Name: Katy Parduncia
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter, artic panther bloodline
Age: 27
Heritage: sino European (father Russian, mother Russian/ Chinese mix)
Height: 1.73m
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Born from a russian scientist father that used eugenism to try to spread his own bloodline, aiming to produce strong and unrecognizable shapeshifters to better infiltrate the society. He killed her mother and litter twin sister years ago, her mother because she was of no use to him anymore, her last pregnancy having destroyed her capacity to bear children, her sister because she wasn't the strongest. He used and trained Katy as a spy and a killer for several years, reducing her to barely more than a well trained animal, waiting for her to reach puberty to keep with his breeding plan and mate her with one of her older half brothers.
Only when he tried to send her attack a clan of dog chamans living near Austrian borders to gather even more power (he hoped to find if the magical capa
Oc sheet Buntaro Fujihara
Name: Buntaro Fujihara
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 34
Heritage:  Caucasian
Height: 1.92 m
Weight: 102 kgs
a towering, strong built man with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He has chesnut hair and his main feature are his lavender blue eyes.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: (souvenir of a very drunken night out with Hade, he has a bunny tattooed somewhere. I let you guess where it is!)
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: 7 april
Parents: Utaro Fujihara and Yuriko Fujihara
Sibling: 3 sisters
Relatives: Member of the Fujihara clan, he has many cousins, nephews, etc etc among the village
Best Friend:  Hade Kobiru
Friends: Kaen Soushou, Daichi Fuhijara
Students: Yume, Yoko Arashi, Nadeshiko Amatou, Kaminari Komatsu
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: after several very bumpy years of engagement with Azami Fujihara, it seems that they have finally managed to mend their fences, in fact, he proposed to her not so long ago
Good Traits: Brave, strong, smart, frank and
Oc sheet: Acthelion and Gwynnion
Acthélion Greyotter and Gwynnion Redfox
Both humans, both 22 years old
Acthélion is a slim younger man with light brown hair and bottle green eyes. his face is narrow, almost foxy with a thin nose, high cheekbones and an almost constant smile. He has the long muscles of the runner, can look almost gangly even by is very nimble and fast
Gwynnion is curvy and looks almost plump, with a narrow waist, wide hips and strong legs. She has long ginger hair she keeps in a messy braid held with leather strands and adorned with random feathers she collects in the forest. Her face is heartshaped with a small pouty mouth, a faint scar between her nose and lips (memory of a fall when young) and round cheeks.
Acthelion is the younger son of the local lord, duke of the place, Gwynnion is the middle daughter of the local blacksmith.
When the wife of the lord gave birth to Acthelion, she fell sick of the fever and was unable to care or feed her son. Gwynnion's mother who  had just ga
Katy Inuzuka
Real birth name:  Shidehara , goes by the name of Katy Inuzuka since she has been adopted by Tsume Inuzuka (Kiba's mother)
Birth date: unknown of her at beginning, later discover it is 14 of April, birth date used is the day she was caught by Kiba and his friends so 9 of June
Age: unknown. When she is found the Hokage thought her younger than she was due to her malnourished state. Approx in the beginning 17/18 years old, middle story 19/20 years old now approw 21/22.
Sexual orientation: heretosexual
Place of birth: near Uzushiogakure
Current place of residence: Konohagakure
Clan informations:
Tsukuineko, panther bloodline (cf the Tsukuineko clan sheet)
Katy has been enslaved during her childhood, trained as a thief and occasional killer by her master who controlled her with a collar style device (at first she was supposed to be just hostage, but no one came to her rescue, again, cf her story for explanations).
She got saved from this life by Team 8 (Kiba, Shino, Hina

Secondary Ocs:
OC sheet: Hidame Masahiro
Name: Hidame Masahiro
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 75 kgs
Appearance: a slim lightly built young man with true light ginger hair and light hazelnut specked with green eyes. He has a slim face with a wide mouth, a thin long nose contributing in giving him almost foxish features, and slightly slanted eyes. He is the palest of the group, he doesn't tan a lot and has some freckles. His hair are long and straight, reaching the nape of his neck and his eyebrows. He has a cleft chin under full lips generally locked in a half grin. He is the lighest built of the Elite guard
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: He has tattoos of red dragon scales on both his wrists, hidden under his wristbands.
Siblings: He has an older brother member of the Village guard too
Relative: a dozen people from his place are his relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts, and such
Best Friend: Toruchi Hasegawa
Students: None at the moment
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: he is very, very flirtatiou
OC sheet: Chomei ideka
Name: Chomeï Ideka
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 54
Heritage:  Caucasian
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 75 kgs
A very noble looking man atht looks older than his age with light brown hair and a beard already almost fully grayed out. His cheeks are hollowed by sickness and someday he has big circles under his eyes. He helds himself very straight and is always perfectly well dressed. The dignity of his general aatitude is so present it even manage to eclipse the fact that his hands shake at the end of the day and his breathing is sometimes wheezing, his speech intersected by bouts of shoulders rattling coughing.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: none
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: 28 march
Parents: deceased
Sibling: none
He has two children, Mireï and Choreï, false twins
Best Friend: Sugeru Hattori
Students: None
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: His wife was killed years ago during an attack on their village, the same that earned Sugeru his scars.
Bairei Kalienski
Name: Baireï Kalienski
Nickname: the red tiger
Gender: Male
Species: shapeshifter, tiger
Age: 78 (appears to be in his early thirties)
Heritage:  Caucasian
Height: 1.96 m
Weight: 104 kgs
a tall, wide shouldered, towering muscled man with dark auburn short hair and very clear brown eyes, almost copper coloured. As a tiger he is a very dark orange, almost red (hence the nickname) streaked with black and a white belly. Eyes are the same hue.
Sexuality: Heterosexual (even a tad homophobic)
Birthmark: none
Tatoos: a moon half hidden by clouds on the upper left arm
Blood Type: AB+
Birthday: 6 june
Parents: deceased
Sibling: may have but doesn't care
Relative: same thing.
Best Friend:
Friends: He has people working for him that he trusts to a certain extent, but very few friends.
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: He is interested in Katy but only because she is a purebreed shapeshifter like him and he wants a heir. She also amuses him. For the rst, he has no problems hop
Chorei and Mirei Ideka, children of the volcano
Choreï and Mireï Ideka
Twins, children of Chomeï ideka, heirs to the power of the volcano, children of the lava and the eternal earth fires.
Age: 18
Height: Choreï 1.76, Mireï 1.68
Weight: Choreï 69 kgs, Mireï 56kgs
Choreï: a still gangly looking young man that hasn't yet finished to grow up but already showing the same elegant build as his father. He has a mop of unruly dirty blond hair and very light hazel eyes. His light tan can't totally erase the scattering of freckles he has on his nose and cheeks. He has straight and honest eyes not as mischevious as his sister's but generally crinckled by his smiles. He has well defined lips and his easy going smile reveals very white and straight teeth. He is an expert at making faces at his sister.
Mireï: a stunningly feminine despites her young age woman. She has the same light hazel eyes as her brother but her hair is darker, more chesnut than blond, thick and wavy. She has a thin fac
OC character sheet: Sadako, the daughter of Fates
"Why did you call us,young witch?"
"I need your help, my ladies, please."
"For you, or for the life that grows in you?"
"For the both of us, my ladies! My people will kill me when they find out about my child."
The young woman's hand has flown over her still flat belly, an instinctive, protective gesture that doesn't go unnoticed by the three creatures in front of her.
The smaller one steps forward, her voice the lilting one of a young girl.
"We can help you, but there is a price."
"I am willing to pay it."
Another cloaked silhouette steps nearer, a stately silhouette with the vibrating, assured voice of the grown woman.
"So hasty, so careless. Maybe you should have wondered first what was the price we would ask from you?"
"I don't care, I need your help, my ladies. Whatever the prize you ask me it can't be worse that what they will do to me."
"She has a point here." the last voice is the rusty, screechy voice of an elder, the form wrapped in the cloak bended under the weight of years.
OC sheet: Toruchi Hasegawa
Name: Toruchi Hasegawa
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 1.98 m
Weight: 108 kgs
Appearance: A tall, heavily muscular, bull necked young man. His hair is light brown, his eyes a brown so dark they look almost black under quite thick eyebrows. He has a strong square face with chiseled cheekbones and jaw. His nose has been broken once and it is visible but it adds a rough charm to his otherwise stern face. He looks generally serious and can be very impressive in his demeanour.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthmark: none
Tattoos: None
Parents: still alive, his mother is a shinobi, his father was but is now teacher at the Academy
Sibling: elder of five siblings
Relative: half a dozen people from his place are his relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts, and such
Best Friend: Hidame Masahiro
Students: none, is a former student of Sugeru Hattori and a member of the Elite guard now.
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: None at the moment
Good Traits: dutiful, strong, thoughtful, calm, trustworthy
Bad Traits: g
Oc sheet Joseph Accarion
Name: Joseph Accarion
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 22
Heritage:  European (French parents)
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 98 kgs
Sexuality: Heterosexual (still a virgin, shhhh!)
Birthmark, Tatoos: no birthmark, a tattoo of an absinthium flower on the left shoulderblade above the heart
Born in France, near Lyon from a quite wealthy family. After following a cursus of cook (and finishing best of his promotion for the pastry section), he went to try his luck on the other side of the ocean. Having an uncle living in California, he decided to settle there.
He is actually working for the best French patisserie and catering service in town and slowly putting money asides to open his own business one day. He also has worked a deal wit the shop owner:he is allowed to use the kitchen and materials sometimes when catering for privates events, given a small fee and the exclusivity of all the recipes he will create as long as he works for them. He is in the category of the up and com


First place will win:

the Wacom tablet (or one year premium if the tablet doesn't interest you. I say it again, you can if you want choose to enter the contest on someone's else behalf to offer them the tablet))
a coloured full-body sketch from :iconowlivia:
a monochrome single character knee up from :icongnewi:
3 months premium membership by :iconkamilein:
a soft coloured full body by :iconokashira2:
A watercolor portrait or a chibi by :iconkirinoru:

2ndplace will win:

3 months premium membership (or value in points)
a coloured waist up from :iconowlivia:
a monochrome single character waist up from :icongnewi:
A soft coloured head shot by :iconokashira2:

3rd place will win:

1 month premium (or value in points)
coloured bust shot by :iconowlivia:
a monochrome single character bust :icongnewi:
A soft coloured head shot by :iconokashira2:
A female chibi from :iconkukunia92:

The Rules!:
*No bases
*No offending material, hate art, etc
*No incest or such (Choreď and Mireď are siblings, no Child!Sadako with a grown up, etc etc)
*All drawing medias are allowed
*You can enter up to 3 times (technicly one for each category but you can mix and match)
*You can enter but ask for someone else to get your prize (spread the love!)

If you want to enter I will be all: :iconnyuuplz:
If you can't enter but are willing to either spread the word or even contribute prizes I will be all: :iconlvlvplz:
If you're not interested and hate me (Whyyyy? I'm nice, I swear I can change, yes I can change and guess who I'm impersonnating this time?) and in fact read up to there only by pure masochism I will be all: :icondesperateplz:

Thank you for your attention, I do hope you will find this interesting and be willing to participate.

Ending of the contest is 30th December (so you will know of your prize for New Year!)

In the meantime, please contact me if you have any question

Have a great day



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BLEACH: in tenebris lumen. CHARA DESIGN CONTEST!Some time ago I mentioned new project, that me and :iconkazeku--sama:. it goes.
The war had ended. Aizen managed to escape, but was declared as dead. Soifons squad is chasing him secretly to finally get desired revenge for all of his crimes. But you shoild always expect him to have a plan B...
2. Story
Long time ago, when all the shinigami worked apart, there were no Soul Society or Hell, there was just a river, where all the souls were sent after death. No matter, how much bad things they did, in their afterlife everybody was considered as sinners and punished equally. Equal pain and sorrow waited for them after the death. Thy were turning into mindless mass, being the only source of energy that sustained the world order. The right to rule the death belonged only to Thanatos, the Elder God of death, merciless, chaotic creature. He was the one, who filled the river of the death with souls to the rim. He also was the one, who ru

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